About Us.

Health Insurance Comparison is a dedicated broker specialising in offering tailored advice on health insurance. We are one of the biggest health insurance brokers in the country. In this ever changing market it is so important to get proper advice in relation to your health insurance. We hold an agency with Irish Life Health and we are happy to advise on Laya and VHI.

People are massively concerned about the ever increasing cost of health insurance. So we help you to get a plan that best suits your needs at a price that is affordable to you.

We look after individuals, families and corporate customers. The most important thing when it comes to health insurance is product knowledge. New plans are launched regularly so it is our job to keep on top of these and communicate to you what is the best option for you.

What makes us different than any other broker or even the insurance companies themselves? Once we have advised and put your plan into place, you will get a phone call from our highly trained staff every single year to let you know about any new and relevant plans to you and we advise our clients to ensure their plan suits your needs at that present time.

Our main aim is to give you best advice and try and save you money on your health insurance plan.